DAVID Corporation: Turning Risks Into Results

Mark Dorn, President and CEO, DAVID CorporationMark Dorn, President and CEO A top insurance software company must keep a start-up culture to develop applications that offer game-changing results. DAVID Corporation accelerates business growth and client success by creating leading technology ahead of the market. Backed by three decades of industry innovation navigating through every significant technology advancement in those 30 years, DAVID Corporation has evolved as a proven pioneer by providing timely software enhancements for the alternative risk insurance market. DAVID’s President & CEO, Mark Dorn, has been quick to bring something new and exciting that improves client outcomes.“Our cloud-based programs were just the first phase; we are now offering our customers the industries’ first, Risk Performance Optimization (RPO) system.” The major buzz is about real-time data analytics using “in-stant-on reporting,” for concurrent data management synchronized to strategic goals. “The RPO featured in the NAVRISK VISION suite represents the type of innovation that gives every-day claims administrators new powerful insights to realize their maximum capability in achieving faster claim outcome goals and compliance results,” says Dorn.

DAVID Corporation specializes in creating a truly collaborative client relationship, matched with solutions that provide specific business rules and workflows to improve operational efficiency. “We help our clients run their operations more cost effectively by improving risk outcomes, meeting compliance requirements, increasing customer retention, leveraging both claims as well as policy data to improve their competitiveness,” says Dorn. “We want to move our customers from defense to offense,” continues the company’s leader. When asked how DAVID plans to achieve this, he explained that always-on data analytics and reporting give users the tools to make small acute decisions on each policy or claim throughout the day. These add up over time to exciting, real-world cost savings and productivity boosts which are big influencers on the bottom line.

Mark Dorn has a well-documented legacy in the industry for creating and delivering winning new ideas. He holds the credit for developing the industry’s first PC-based RMIS & Claim system in 1982, publishing some of RMIS industry’s first data standards in the 1990’s as well as creating some of the industries earliest Internet-based RMIS products.

The use of new technology is shifting from routine operational focus to achieving faster strategic goals. “In the insurance industry, the current use of data is locked in old practices with slow integration not responsive enough in sponsoring people who need to make quicker decisions. Newer methods for improving outcomes are fortunately the same ones that enhance productivity. We have the opportunity now to re-sync the automation processes with new KPIs and KPGs (Key Performance Indicator Groups) and visibly support every step of the client’s essential workflow,” states Dorn. We see the tremendous opportunity integrating KPIs as part of the overall data ecosystem making the data analytics focused on the highest and best use of adjuster and underwriter time.

Many groups face the problem of important strategic progress data becoming lost in the sea of compartmentalized data sources like email, diaries, images, reports and business rule systems. NAVRISK VISION also features a new platform that consolidates that and also leverages ten major partner solutions in areas like CMS, EDI, and WC Forms processing. This supports the product mission for delivering end to end, full-service risk management and insurance software solutions. NAVRISK VISION helps clients reduce their cost per claim, cut administrative costs, and recognize operational savings through automated workflow. The integrated platform comprises of NAVRISK Policy, NAVRISK Claims, NAVRISK Analytics, and NAVRISK Mobile App.

NAVRISK VISION is a complete platform for RPO that combines KPIs, scoring algorithms, dashboards, reporting and analytics into one platform

The solution integrates claims, policy, and reporting to help organizations improve operations, reduce expenses, increase productivity, and enhance agent and customer satisfaction.

NAVRISK VISION is available both as a cloud-based hosted product by DAVID Corporation or as a client hosted product. This option and flexibility gives clients the best choices both now and in the future. The product is scalable from PCs to smartphones and runs on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

“We were driven by the customer requirements for a portal solution that was HTML5-based for mobile smartphones, contained advanced security, risk, and safety automation, and had built in service capability via a direct user experience. These were our core development challenges,” says Dorn. DAVID achieved this customer wish list and has received a wealth of recent accolades, available soon on the company website.

Users appreciate the elegant way the NAVRISK VISION workflow is integrated to support all their key activities including Diary Management, Litigation Management, Medical Management and Return To Work. The product interface is a very elegant comprehensive solution with lots of personalization capabilities for a quick Out-Of-The-Box Go-live.

Users enjoy how smooth and straightforward the intake of Event or Incident Data is with the portal based solution. The NAVRISK VISION Gateway program, a mobile-ready, client-facing customizable portal solution, provides critical data insurance companies, pools and RRG’s can securely intake and share as high-value information. Here, the clients can enter or report a new claim, create the first report of loss and view the related incident, event or claim details. Also, the user-defined security levels allow only authorized users to access information and make changes, thus offering a collaborative environment using shared document management and search capabilities. “It executes, monitors, and manages core policy administration and claims processing, tracks metrics and provides the basis for improvements to operations and customer service to dramatically reduce manual data entry, improve communication and reduce paper-work and consequently the burden on your staff,” explains Dorn.

Apart from eliminating paperbound, ad hoc electronic processes and data interchanges, the NAVRISK VISION platform also facilitates and automates information gathering, coordinates for mid-year changes, adds the insureds, and provides access to reports, claims, and payment status. Dorn further elaborates that the platform streamlines the set-up of new claims by producing the first reports of injury, loss, and generating reports for claims analysis.

So how does the process work?

Data entered into the platform is automatically uploaded into NAVRISK Policy and NAVRISK Claims to eliminate redundant data entry. Then, the first report of injury and loss are captured, which users can send to their appropriate agencies so that the claim or incident is recorded. The entire communication process is more efficient, disciplined, and responsive—agents and claims personnel are happier and more productive, providing a greater level of customer satisfaction.

Risk Management Made Comprehensive

In line with their NAVRISK VISION program, DAVID has also developed a new industry term—Risk Performance Optimization (RPO).

“This program is a complete platform for RPO that combines KPIs, scoring algorithms, dashboards, reporting and analytics into one platform. The data is then synced with the platform to empower faster actions and to provide better strategic execution,” explains Dorn, who further highlights for a need of a shared resource RPO platform to manage resource investments.

DAVID also offers a comprehensive claims management and administration system in the form of NAVRISK Claims, and when integrated with its Policy, Portal, Property and Analytics platform, it creates a complete Risk Management Information System (RMIS). “Here, documents are attached to claim files, reducing the possibility of losing information, while eliminating time-consuming file management and searching processes,” states Dorn.

"86 percent of our staff are hands on tech and industry SMEs. That is a lot of solid hard core experts that delivers meaningful expertise to our clients"

The platform employs a user-defined rules engine to simplify claims processes and relieve adjusters from the need to remember rules, deadlines, contract requirements, and other claims-related details. “Business rules can be configured to alert users of upcoming claim task deadlines and timeframes to prevent processes from slipping through the cracks and incurring penalties due to tardiness or non-compliance. The result of this automation of routine tasks is a noticeable reduction in manual processing costs and an increase in operational effectiveness,” asserts Dorn.

DAVID also offers NAVRISK VISION Policy, an intuitive end-to-end policy administration platform, thus automating labor-intensive underwriting processes, streamlining access to information, and delivering information to executives, underwriters, and agents. “Configurable to each organization’s unique needs, the platform provides quote generation, new policy issuance and changes to existing policies to eliminate manual data entry and duplication of efforts to reduce overall costs and improve service to agents and members,” describes Dorn.

Dorn also brings in an interesting example to reflect the team’s expertise:

Lengthy turn around time and response to requests for loss run reports and basic claim information stymied customer satisfaction at a large Managed Program Administrator and Third Party Administrator (TPA). “Because the TPA has a reputation for highly successful claim outcomes they required a quick remedy for its service issues. Seeking a self-service, web-based application, it selected NAVRISK VISION Gateway,” relates Dorn. The TPA now securely shares claim information and reports with its clients in real time. As a result, customer satisfaction went up, and the TPA has expanded its use of NAVRISK VISION Gateway to make it a comprehensive risk management services portal. “The TPA now enjoys improved customer satisfaction and increased client retention. Our platform creates happier agents by saving time on submissions and enabling them to process and write more business, eliminating duplication of effort by the claims staff, providing more self-service options, and ultimately increasing satisfaction across the board,” he adds.

Dorn also credits DAVID Corp’s success to three important rules—strategy, data insight, and technology execution. “We carry this into our product implementation work, our professional services delivery, and the ongoing support services,” he adds. The management at DAVID Corp, according to Dorn, is hands on, decisions are made top down, and staff provides a high level of service and expertise. “86 percent of staff are hands on tech and industry SMEs. That is a lot of solid hardcore experts that delivers meaningful expertise to our clients,” claims Dorn.

The team is looking forward to helping customers evolve through whatever technological challenges the industry faces. “What matters to us is helping NAVRISK VISION users deliver high-value outcomes that support executive level strategic goals,” concludes Dorn.

- Brian Jackson
    December 15, 2016