Delphi Technology OASIS: Fully Integrated Flexible Application Platform

CIO Vendor Improving the use of big data is crucial for any modern insurance firm, but when it comes to professional liability; it has become an unalterable desideratum. Liability carriers are searching for solutions to manage industry trends that push the severity of claims higher and higher. By improving analytics solutions, firms can enhance overall workflow and optimize their operations for current needs of the insurance industry. “To eliminate risks and fulfill operational needs predictive analytics solutions provide insurance firms the ability to capitalize on the value big data has to offer,” affirms Sam Fang, President and CEO, Delphi Technology.

With more than two decades of experience, the Boston, MA based company has been providing business software solutions to the healthcare professional liability industry. Delphi delivers a comprehensive range of proven software solutions including underwriting, policy management, claims management, financial management, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. The company leverages a highly flexible technology platform called OASIS, which enables companies to streamline their operations, optimize their business processes, and respond to changing business needs. The platform helps organizations reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and business intelligence.

Delphi Technology's application architecture (OASIS) is a fully integrated collection of components, designed to embed the core functionality inherent in specific business processes. This component-based structure delivers maximum “out-of-the-box” functionality also allowing an extensive use of existing technology. As a complete web based solution, OASIS can be deployed on a J2EE based technology architecture that leverages a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), web services, Business Process Management (BPM), and business rules. This stationing will ensure Delphi Technology's solutions to easily integrate within an existing legacy environment. “This flexible architecture also ensures that the OASIS solutions remain viable as per the evolving business needs,” points out Fang.

The key to optimize workflow around data and analytics needs is having the right infrastructure in place, and that makes the Oasis platform very powerful.

OASIS is a fully-integrated collection of components, designed to embed the core functionality inherent in specific business processes

For instance, the Ontario based healthcare organization HIROC’s (Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada) legacy environment lacked expertise, flexibility, and reliability necessary to integrate information gathering, sharing, analysis, and reporting. To meet the needs of their internal and external users, they required real-time access to policy, claims, and risk management information. As part of the implementation process, OASIS Claims Management was integrated with HIROC’s ImageRight, and OASIS Policy Management with GP Dynamics. This assimilation improved data integrity, reporting and claims tracking, paperless claims environment, and the ability to run more comprehensive reports and development of dashboard reports. Additionally, it increased access to more timely policy and claims information for staff and senior management, and integrating a complete view of the different policies purchased by subscribers resulting in improved customer service.

“As a true strategic partner, Delphi Technology’s management and staff are attentive and extremely client-oriented. They take a sincere interest in their clients and understand the importance of systems and processes to the success of an implementation project,” says a very overwhelmed Greg King, VP of Finance and Administration, HIROC.

Delphi’s major investment has been to transform Windows-based OASIS to a browser-based version. In addition, the company has broadened its core product offerings to include business intelligence products and web portal products. “We've developed tools and processes to maintain a single source code and still support customization for our customers,” concludes Fang.